McCloud Partners, CAL FIRE and the United States Forest Service have agreed to convert the MillWorks site to an interagency Incident Command Post until the current fire season ends.

Over 2,000 Federal, state and international firefighters and their massive equipment inventory are fighting the Hirz, Delta and other Nor CAL wildfires based from the safety of our MillWorks site, and have been for over a week.  Our team remains deeply engaged in supporting them in every way possible.

The skill and dedication of the firefighting teams, and our uniquely massive water resources, make the MillWorks site and town of McCloud as safe as technology and human effort can make them.

Storage tenants, MillWorks businesses and their customers can be confident our site is now among the safest places in Northern California.  For current info on the fires, is your best resource.

With the utmost respect for our firefighters,

Your McCloud Partners Leadership Team


Our mission is to facilitate economic development in McCloud while balancing innovation and environmental stewardship on the Millworks site

Our strategy is to find development partners to leverage the area’s rich history and to create sustainable, diversified economic development for the town and for the region